Lunes, Hulyo 31, 2006

Mission Accomplished

I finally finished a story! *dances in joy*

But I still need to revise it. *stops dancing and sighs*

The idea for the story has been haunting me for about a year and a half but only recently did get a breakthrough that would encourage me write this story down. (I talked about my joy and frustation here.) I tried to write this story based on an idea and scene i found very interesting. During the summer, I tried to write it but it didn't work for me. But a month ago, I had a new development in terms of the details of the story. So basically I wrote this story in two months but struggled with for a year and a half. That's while I feel elated. I've been exorcised.

Another interesting thing about this story is that the whole text is a little over twenty pages long (double spaced). The last time I clocked in more that twenty pages, I still sucked. (I'm now at the rank of passable. Now, I need to reach the rank of publishable.) Gee, that was a long time ago, like three years ago.

Yeah, I'm still fidgety since I know this is still not over. But I need to get the story out of my head for awhile before I can revise it. So there.

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